Peeling process

Peeling process

Working in a warmer humidified room makes the work much easier during the peeling process of the flower bulbs.

There are different ways of moistening the air in which you work. Elka Air supplies high-pressure humidification, compressed air humidification, ultrasonic humidification and steam humidification. Our specialists are happy to discuss with you which application best suits your needs.

Benefits of air humidification Elka Air for the peeling process

Maintenance friendly

Prevents dehydration

Limits water consumption by a very fine mist

Easy to install

As independent products of both compressed air humidification and high-pressure humidification, the specialists of Elka Air can respond to your wishes like no other. We would be happy to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the different humidification systems with you, so that you are assured of the right choice.

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