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Our products

Whether for industry or non-residential construction, Elka Air has the ambition to offer the most optimal humidification solution for every situation.

Because no building or application is the same, our specialists are happy to work with you to determine which humidification method best suits your needs.


This high-quality steam humidifier is specially designed for demanding building managers.

SKV Evaporative

Humidification by evaporation is perhaps one of the oldest and most reliable forms of humidification.

Evaporative humidifier

The humidifier is equipped with high efficiency EC ventilatior. This ventilatior pulls the room air along the evaporation matrix.

MDL 60

The MDL 60 is a compact, quick and easy-to-install high-pressure humidifier.

MDL 180

The MDL 180 is a compact, quick and easy-to-install high-pressure humidifier.

HDI High Pressure Pump

This high-quality pump unit is specially designed for fully automated humidification systems

MDST High pressure atomizer

Our MDST high-pressure atomizers are manufactured under the strictest quality standards.

MAS compressed air humidifier

The force of the compressed air disperses the moisture into a nice fine mist that is quickly absorbed into the air.

MA 20 atomizer

The MA 20 atomizer is probably the most energy-efficient compressed air atomizer in the world.

VCU control unit

The VCU control unit is a simple controller developed specifically for Elka fog compressed air nozzles.