High pressure humidification in the office

High pressure humidification in the office

High pressure creates an extremely fine water mist in the wet section of the air handling unit. The water droplets are so fine that they will evaporate very quickly and with a high efficiency.

High-pressure humidification is regarded as the most energy efficient method of humidification. The primary power absorbed is 10 times lower than that of ultrasonic humidification. This makes high pressure humidification especially suitable for somewhat larger installations which require a higher energy output.

The reliable Elka Fog high pressure humidification system distinguishes it’s
focus on the following points:

No circulating water by using a frequency converter

Stable high-pressure control for optimal atomization

Energy efficient and maintenance friendly

Internally built antibacterial RO water filtration

Precise modulating control in no less than 16 steps

Limited floor space necessary due to smart design

Simple Touchscreen display

Extremely reliable

As a supplier of compressed air humidification, high-pressure air humidification, steam humidification and ultrasonic humidification, the specialists at Elka Air can respond to your wishes like no other. We would be happy to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the different humidification systems with you, so that you are assured of the right choice.

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