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Humidification for spray painting - Surface treatment

The correct relative humidity (RH) is essential for optimal spraying results. With the correct RH during the spraying process, the open time of the paint is extended, which gives the paint time to settle better, so that a smoother and tighter result will be achieved.

In addition, the risk of static electricity is considerably reduced and the dust formation in your rooms will decrease.

If water-based paint is sprayed on a hygroscopic surface, it may be beneficial to create a so-called Flash-off zone immediately after spraying. in a flash-off zone the RH is kept artificially high so that the paint has time to dry from the inside out. Immediately after spraying, the product is placed in this artificially damp room(flash-off zone) for a short period of 5 to 15 minutes. The result produces a quicker paint transfer speed, a more even finish which makes the overall appearance more appealing.

Advantages of the Elka Air humidification systems in your paint shop

Extends the open time of the paint

Promotes the blending process

Ensures less sanding between the primer and the paint layer

Reduces the dust load in the room

Prevents static electricity

Gives a smoother result

As a supplier of compressed air humidification, high-pressure air humidification, steam humidification and ultrasonic humidification, the specialists at Elka Air can respond to your wishes like no other. We would be happy to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the different humidification systems with you, so that you are assured of the right choice.

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