Air humidification for the shipyards

Whether you are working on luxury pleasure yachts or cruise ships: the quality requirements of sailing are enormous.
A good constant humidity can make a world of difference in a shipyard. Not only for the working conditions of your employees, but especially for the best quality possible.

A well-designed humidifier is especially important during the ship’s outfitting phase. Wooden elements (interior and deck) are usually placed during this phase. A production climate that is too dry has major consequences for the dimensional stability of the wooden parts. In addition, the dust load is greatly increased and there will be increased issues with static electricity.

Advantages of Elka Air humidification systems for shipyards

Prevents excessive work, shrinkage and cracking of the wood

Promotes dimensional stability

Limits the dust build-up in the room

Reduces static electricity in the room

As independent products of both compressed air humidification and high-pressure humidification, the specialists of Elka Air can respond to your wishes like no other. We would be happy to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the different humidification systems with you, so that you are assured of the right choice.

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