Humidification in the office

Prolonged exposure to dry air has consequences for the health of personnel.

Humidification in the office

Soon after the temperature decreases outside, the heating system will start. However, a pleasant and comfortable indoor climate depends on many factors. For example, it is very important that there is enough ventilation and that the walls do not give off a higher degree of cold air. Despite all the other factors that affect a pleasant indoor climate, the relative humidity (RH.), which plays a vital role to control the climate in the office is usually ignored.

The human species largely consists of water. As soon as the air becomes too dry, it forces us to use more energy to perform. In addition, complaints such as dry eyes, an increased dust build-up in the room and irritated airways arise.

The correct relative humidity (RH.) is also essential for our health.

Humidity of 40 to 60% is not only perceived as pleasant, but research shows that fewer viruses and bacteria occur in the air.
As a supplier of compressed air humidification, high-pressure air humidification, steam humidification and ultrasonic humidification, the specialists at Elka Air can respond to your wishes like no other. We would be happy to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the different humidification systems with you, so that you are assured of the right choice.

Steam humidification

Steam humidification is perhaps the oldest and most reliable form of humidification.

High pressure humidification

High pressure creates an extremely fine water mist

Ultrasonic humidification

Ultrasonic humidification is also known as cold steam humidification.