Indirect adiabatic cooling

Indirect adiabatic cooling

Immediately when the outside temperature rises and reaches a higher temperature of that to the inside temperature, the heat exchanger can act as a cooling source. Certainly, if the air returned (the extracted air) can drop by several degrees in temperature due to atomization.

If the extracted air conditions are plus minus 22 o C at 52% RH., the extracted air by the adiabatic cooling (atomization ) has to only decrease by 6 degrees to obtain a good room temperature. On a dry hot day, the drop can increase even further. This cooled air then cools down the heat exchanger, causing it to act as a cooler on the supplied airflow.

Due to this atomization, the air can be cooled by a few degrees with a very low connected load. If this is not enough, cooling can be continued with an additional cooling system. By flattening the cooling peak adiabatically , a very energy-efficient system can be created.

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